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Staples® Smart-Size Packaging Made Possible With Packsize® Technology.

Staples® move to “Smart-size” packaging, developed by Packsize®, brings more convenience to customers in every delivery order and improves supply chain sustainability and efficiency.

Packsize® On Demand Packaging® is a revolutionary packaging system that lets companies produce the right-sized box exactly when they need it. It removes any worry and cost associated with paying too much for box inventory, void filler, inefficient use of warehouse space, and many other packaging-related problems. In essence, On Demand Packaging® is the latest evolution in lean manufacturing.

By more intelligently managing packaging with Packsize, Staples® is able to:

•   Save 20% on total corrugated costs
•   Reduce unnecessary air pillow usage by 60%
•   Minimize its packaging's overall environmental impact on the planet.

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