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Global Cardboard Challenge

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Have you heard of Caine? Probably. An internet sensation, Caine built an entire arcade out of cardboard. One day, Nirvan Mullick stopped by an auto parts store to purchase a new door handle for his car. In a small area that was attached to the auto parts store, he saw Caine’s arcade. 

Any Eco Friendly Way to Deal with Extra Cardboard


As companies continue to ship their products in cardboard boxes that are just altogether too large, consumers are going to be left with an excess of cardboard. Figuring out to do with your cardboard can be a great challenge. Instead of letting it fill up your recycle or clutter your garage, you may be able to find a creative use for your cardboard.

An Average Package Contains 40% Air


There is nothing worse than diving into a new bag of chips, only to be disappointed when your hand has to travel half the length of the bag to touch your first chip. You look inside to discover a disappointingly half-full bag of chips in your lap. Your heart sinks into your stomach in disappointment. At least something is filling your stomach though right? Since your chips won’t be.

Can Smaller Packaging Save The World?


Becoming more environmentally friendly is a great way to feel good about your business.  There are many customers that will also have an increased level of respect and loyalty for your company, if they know that you are doing all that you can to keep your company environmentally friendly.

Imagine What You Could Do With Extra Cardboard

Cardboard Sculptures by Bartek Elsner sculpture installation cardboard

Have you ever given a child a gift, just for him or her to play with the packaging more than the actual gift? There may be some undiscovered genius in this ideology that children so innocently take part in. The next time that you head out to the trash can with an electronics box, banana box or even cardboard inserts you may want to stop and give that cardboard a second look, then a third and maybe even a fourth look!

Over Packaging Causing Consumers to Speak Out

overpackaging resized 600

So we all know that a great way to bring in more customers is to frustrate your current ones, right? It seems like a crazy question, but apparently companies across the nation do not understand just how frustrated their customers are getting with over packaging. Customers are frustrated about excessive waste, wasted time trying to get to their product and even injuries that can be caused from difficult packaging.

London Olympics= Green Olympics with Compostable Packaging


The London Olympics is poised to be the greenest Olympics in history, hopefully setting a positive standard for other big events to follow. One of the biggest parts of this green initiative is utilizing packaging effectively, so that it can be reclaimed or re-used easily.

What a Smashed Box Means for Your Branding


One of the interesting things about sending out products as a business is the way that every factor can influence the consumer and their views. Often times, these factors are not always controllable- but they do make a difference.

On Demand Packaging-- Streamlined, Secure, & Environmentally Friendly


Our company is strongly committed to providing you with superior products which have the absolute minimal impact on the environment. By using only the very best of recycled materials in our packaging, we are able to have a product which is durable and of quality makeup, while eliminating the need to consume more resources than are absolutely necessary.

Going Green with Sustainable Packaging: Where Every Bit Helps

Plastic Bag in the Breeze 2 resized 600Green technology and processes have proven their worth as they have gained ground over the last few years. As we move forward into the future, the focus is not so much on whether green processes are good and worth pursuing, but how we can increasingly improve on them and implement them.

Green initiatives have captured the public attention, raising awareness about our ecological impact and the consequences of it. While people have accepted it within varying degrees, the fact of the matter is that every bit helps. Whether it is a company that chooses to reduce their global footprint or a single person who happens to buy a reusable bag, every victory is important.

As such, making the small differences that add up over time is going to be one of the most important goals of the green movement going forward. There are always things we can do in order to improve on our reductions and our energy efficiency, the key is making them a reality.

Pragmatically speaking, this means combining form and function. If people see additional benefits to the green effort that make their lives better, they are going to be more likely to do their part.

The solar panels on electric car prototypes will give increased gas mileage and save people money while being good for the environment. Compact florescent bulbs save money on power costs. Green approved clothing sends a fashion message and is considered to be desirable by many because of that social impact.

These are all examples of green efforts which have had success because they make things better while decreasing our impact. Packsize strives to add to the green effort by cutting down greatly on boxes used, while saving you money on shipping. It’s all about the small things that add up to something greater.
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